Dana Wright-Wasson - Talk the Walk

Talk the Walk

Designing a Clear Path to a World Class Employee Experience

Dana Wright-Wasson

With expanding to-do lists, shrinking resources, and meaningless mission statements, it can be a struggle to keep employees excited about their job and workplace. Creative approaches to engagement, such as adding nap pods and implementing engagement surveys, are part of the story but alone don’t solve the problem. Building an engaged workforce requires a purpose-driven leader who can help employees rise to their individual and collective potential, bringing their very best selves to the task. Leaders who listen to the needs of employees and encourage them to design better ways of working help build a culture that retains and attracts top talent.

Dana Wright-Wasson, President of Take Action Inc. and renowned speaker, shares the components necessary for leaders to design an exceptional employee experience. Using design thinking, studies, and stories from more than twenty years of facilitating employee engagement within teams and organizations, Dana will show you how to develop your leadership strengths, recognize good ideas, and give voice to your teams. She also uses examples from admired global corporations that are creating real impact, including Zappos, Google, Netflix, and Mars, Incorporated.

Written with wit and wisdom, Talk the Walk is every leader’s guide to creating a culture that inspires employees to show up with passion, solve hard problems, and make the company better—together.


As Michelle Obama said, ‘Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.’ Talk the Walk is a definitive map, written from the heart and full of powerful examples and supported by wonderful graphics. Take this journey with Dana Wright-Wasson and enjoy the abundant returns for you, your teams, organizations, and ideally our world at large.
Helen-Jane Nelson, Founder & Thought Partner, Cecara Consulting Limited
With all of Dana Wright-Wasson’s experience as well as knowledge of business, she has successfully engaged and captured her reader! This book is a wonderful motivator to ‘Never Stop Pushing the Best You Can Be.
Roberto J. Garcia, Re-Marketing Supply Specialist, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Dana Wright-Wasson, MSOD, thrives on human connection. With her extensive business background in leadership and strategic planning, Dana is passionate about creating amazing employee experiences; she wholeheartedly believes that engagement is an outcome—an effect of the way people are treated in organizations. Her grasp of leadership, organizational change, and group processes have all been built into her groundbreaking approach to employee experience.

Thinking out of the box, Dana uses graphics and visual templates to increase participation and inspire people to act. Applying creativity in all facets of work and life are Dana’s hallmark. She remains curious about the ways of the world–she has visited 38 countries so far—taking cooking classes as she traverses across the globe. Dana is a recognized author, CEO of Take Action Inc. and founder of the Work Happy Project. Dana is happily married with two daughters and two stepsons. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit www.take-action.com.

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