Make It Happen

The Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

Jenna Herbut

Make It Happen is the how-to book to help entrepreneurs sharpen their creative vision, figure out―and overcome―what’s holding them back from turning their great ideas into reality, and get started making it happen.

Jenna Herbut is the brains behind Make It, one of North America’s largest and most successful craft shows, and Make It Happen is packed with her hard-won insight and inspiration. The book contains lessons learned over Jenna’s entrepreneurial journey; case studies and tips from creative, courageous entrepreneurs who realized their dreams by overcoming fear and resistance; and invaluable “Make It Real” exercises to get you practicing and applying new techniques, skills and ideas.
In Make It Happen you’ll discover how to:
· Tap into your unique passion and let it shine
· Think and act to make it happen
· Figure out what to do when it’s just not happening

By the end of Make It Happen you’ll be well on your way to becoming one of a beautiful breed of risk-takers who are willing to put it all on the line to make their vision a reality.

Jenna Herbut is the creator of Booty Beltz, which have been sold by 120 boutiques all over Canada, the USA, and Japan, and have been featured in Flare, Elle Canada, LouLou, and on CityLine, CTV, and Global News. After touring as a vendor in craft shows and festivals across the country, Herbut founded and promoted her own fair, Make It, which quickly expanded to a bi-annual event in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Make It has evolved into a well-known community for both new and established makers, and boasts 100,000+ shoppers yearly. Since the inception of the Make It show, Herbut has expanded her business to include MakeItTV and Make It University, which distribute online learning resources to new entrepreneurs and makers.

ISBN 978-0-99526-653-7
$16.95 usd · $19.95 cdn
5.25 x 8 · 256 pages