Exactly What To Say

The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Phil M Jones

Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Phil M. Jones has trained more than two million people across five continents and over fifty countries in the lost art of spoken communication. In Exactly What to Say, he delivers the tactics you need to get more of what you want.

Phil M Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell,” and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears and instantaneously impact their results.

The author of five international best-selling books, and the youngest ever winner of the coveted “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award”, Phil is currently one of the most in-demand assets to companies worldwide.

He is by no means your typical sales expert. Phil is recognized for helping people know “Exactly What To Say”, “Exactly How to Sell” and empowering entrepreneurs by defining “Exactly Where to Start” His highly engaging, practical approach to subjects often littered with hype and power-hungry “gurus” delivers real results and has readers feeling empowered by their own abilities.

His vast knowledge and experience can be simplified into just three areas:

1. Acquiring more customers
2. Having them come back more often
3. Helping them spend more when they shop

With the experience of over 2,000 presentations in over 50 countries across five continents, Phil has a busy and active travel schedule. When not on the road, you will fnd him at home in New York City or in his peaceful retreat in Buckinghamshire, England.

ISBN 978-1989025000
$14.99 usd · $16.99 cdn
5 x 7 inches · 148 pages